Case: video about Koskovo village, after which I want to urgently buy a summer cottage

On August 24, we were given the task of creating a video for the presentation of the Koskovo cottage village under construction. The video was planned to be used for the site, the channel on YouTube and advertising in pre-rolls.

In the video it was necessary not only to give the main technical information, but also to make the viewer fall in love with the beauty of the surrounding nature and the friendliness of the locals.

The final version of the video

Apart from the time spent on negotiations, the actual work on the project took 4 days.

1 step. Script Writing, 1 day

Working with the script was easy for two reasons:

  1. the client provided a well-designed TK,
  2. We were inspired by the opportunity to make a video about this project.

We understood that it was not enough to show the infrastructure and fill up with facts. It was important to demonstrate that there are people behind the project, and show what they are. Therefore, the following video structure was adopted:

  • show the settlement plan and the most important information in numbers,
  • to alternate frames of the settlement being built and rebuilt, to show what has already been rebuilt, and what is only in progress,
  • write the words of the founder about the project,
  • Record feedback from residents of the village.

2 step. Shooting, 1 day

The shooting took place in the Koskovo cottage village of the Klin district of the Moscow region.

Aerial photography became the main visual move - the team managed to photograph local views so that when watching the video the breath stops.

The picture was complemented by a successful interview with the founder of the project - he was able to perform well without the prepared text from the first take. By the response of the general director, it was felt that he really ignites the opportunity to arrange a place where people can relax with the whole family.

Next to the village under construction is a settlement, already built up by the same company. In it, the film crew was able to gather for video feedback from residents about the local nature, infrastructure and the work of the developer. Meeting with local residents helped organize the administrator of the village. According to him, everyone is like relatives here, so those who wanted to say good words were found quickly.

Used equipment:

  • Camcorder - Sony Alpha ILCE-7S;
  • tripod - Manfrotto MVM500A;
  • buttonholes Sennheiser;
  • lenses: SIGMA AF 35 mm f / 1.4, Canon EF 24-70mm 1: 2.8L, Canon EF 70-200 mm;
  • aerial photography - DJI Phantom 4 PRO.

The footage was 50 minutes.

3 step. Video processing, 2 days

The musical design was selected in accordance with the footage. A pleasant, light track was chosen that does not distract from the speaker’s voice.

Video processing includes:

  • installation;
  • sound reduction;
  • color correction;
  • stabilization;
  • motion design;
  • sound design.

Used software:

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13.0;
  • Adobe After Effects CS6;
  • Adobe Illustrator CC2015;
  • DaVinci Resolve 12.5;
  • Sound Forge Pro 10.0.

The approval of the work happened quickly, the edits were minimal, and the client expressed his gratitude for the professionalism.

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